Love has no gender.

Luca Rossetti


Tantra is one of the oldest teachings that reminds us of the importance of the loving union between the masculine and feminine energy, that we all carry within us and that goes beyond gender and our sexual tastes.

The philosophy of Tantra in its entirety embraces life in all its areas and forms. It includes all parts of our physical, energetic and emotional body. Fully accept the power of our sexual energy, awakening it and distributing it through massage throughout our body. Tantric massage allows sexual energy to freely flow again, fulfilling its creative, healing and unlimited function. A tantric massage is a transformative and effective tool that through full presence, breathing and unintentional loving touch, allows you to unblock and release what is stored in all your bodies (physical, emotional and energetic). In our, more or less intimate relationships, most of the time we are consciously or unconsciously subjected to comply with behavioral attitudes where the exchange between “giving and taking” is based on lack of self-listening and therefore of listening to the other; this triggers a series of old patterns learned by emotional dependency, expectations, attachments, disconnection that in the long run can become toxic.

  In a tantric massage you don’t look for anything in particular and everything is truly welcome, there is no other goal but the real needs of the person that receives in the present moment. It is an authentic journey that allows the expansion of your consciousness to see, let go and transform everything that you have not been able to attend throughout your life and that prevents you from changing and growing.


When our vital energy does not flow, it stagnates and an imbalance appears throughout our system. Because it is in a continuous state of alert and tension without you being aware of it, the body closes and contracts, it can even become ill.
Our organs and tissues have memory and we unknowingly carry the influence of inherited experiences, beliefs acquired in past experiences – childhood and youth – experiences related to our cultural environment, family system, educational centers, circle of friends, religion, the media, etc.

Pleasure and joy are integrated into the body when the impulse of our sexual energy is free from fear, shame, guilt and anger; only then does it flow freely to the heart.

Tantric massage works on these four emotions, deeply rooted in both our conscious and our subconscious. Transmuting them we manage to deprogram and free our mind / body.

When your sexual energy merges with your heart, a door can be opened that allows you to fully feel the potential of the being that is inhabiting your human body.




When my masculine energy and my feminine energy dance in complete harmony, it is as if heaven and earth are making love inside me.

Luca Rossetti

Tantric massage is for you if you want:

  • Donate yourself a space just for you, a valuable time in which we will attend to your real needs in the present moment.
  • Allow yourself to feel pleasure and enjoy your expanded creative sexual energy.
  • Open yourself to receive without giving anything in return, without justifying yourself or having to prove anything.
  • Let go of everything that no longer serves you: limiting fears, pain, blockages, impotence, repression, etc.
  • Connect with in the present moment
  • Learning to feel yourself, to accept yourself and love yourself.
  • Live yourself in a more fulfilling way and help others to achieve the same (this system can not only lead to individual healing, but can also improve couple relationships.)                                                                                                                                                                                          For more information, doubts questions:

“As above, so is below;
as within, so is outside”.
Do you desire to see yourself?
I will take you there.

Luca Rossetti



“I wanted to try a tantric massage for its healing component. I wanted it to help me open up more to my sexuality, and I felt Luca would be perfect because of his loving, transmuting energy and deep compassion. In the session I felt total acceptance; I didn't have to do anything, there were no expectations. I felt free, I let myself be, and a million sensations opened up to me, as well as my heart. I merged with it all. I loved the whole, from everything, and in all directions. Barriers melted away, leaving only the magic of life. When I left I knew that my sexuality would never be the same again. I realized that the way I had been living it was hurting me. That respect and love for myself and my body have settled in me and are being a guide for the steps I decide to take today ”.


“I have received many tantric massages but never a professional one by a man. Before the workshop I was afraid about what I would feel: Will I feel completely comfortable? Will I let myself receive, without judgment? I could hardly analyze-judge the work because I went right in. I felt my skin touched again with the utmost respect, with so much listening that sometimes it reminded me of the lack of listening that I may have with myself when it comes to touching myself. It was fluid at all times and very pleasurable in the 99%. In the 1% I discovered parts of my body that accumulated a pain that I did not know and although it is little in relation to the 99%, it was intense and interesting to go through those spaces of pain. The fact of receiving a massage from another man surprised me by the degree of listening when touching me, parts that may be more sensitive and, perhaps because the female anatomy does not have those parts, makes some women not be aware of the sensitivity of these areas. In short, an experience that I would recommend to any man, woman, soul ... Because Luca also has that sensitivity to deal with the essence of each person. Thank you Luca for the space you gave me”.


“The experience with tantric massage has been revealing in many aspects that surprised me as I was letting go and surrendering myself to Luca's loving, respectful and committed guidance. Re-discovering forgotten areas of my body that are there waiting for you to awaken and spoil them has moved me, realizing that it was not "so easy" for me to allow another to caress and stimulate me lovingly without any sexual connotation has been the most revealing, there I could see how limited I was with respect to simply giving and receiving love. Luca, through the subtle guidance in the breath has made me realize what my limits were and where they were, what I thought I was not capable of because of complex beliefs marked by an abuse at an early age, were disarmed by the simple fact of allowing me to express, feel and be faithful to me in a pure and innocent state. Pleasure and guilt have become linked and have distanced us from the truth. Thanks to therapies like tantric massage and therapists like Luca, generous and dedicated to untie these mental knots, my Being feels freer from prisons. Thank you Luca for an experience of real Love”.


“I didn't know what could happen, but Luca's willingness, dedication and care gave me the confidence to open myself to experiment. The same day of the massage, before receiving it, I remembered that it past a long time since I had been in physical and intimate contact with someone. At first I felt a certain sexual impact but after Luca's proposal of movement and listening I relaxed and that's when I felt the work was being processed. During a part of the more intimate journey there was a touch that made me cry, an energy was released that I didn't understand where it was coming from and after the crying, Luca's careful accompaniment brought back the sense of peace with me. It was a real liberation”.


“My experience with this type of massage with Luca was my first and it was very interesting. A loving and caring encounter in a safe space. I felt the confidence to give myself at all times thanks to the delicacy of the treatment and the respect with which Luca guided me. For me the great learning was, once again, to realize the limits that I do not set, but that Luca was able to see even without me being able to express them clearly; feeling this I had the feeling of being able to cry the tears contained in all women in the world every time we swallow to say "no", "this far", "I don't want to continue in what we are", "please stop". I have also discovered very pleasurable areas of my body that I had forgotten and that I love being able to connect with them. Very grateful!!!!! I would only do a practice like this with someone as sensitive and caring as Luca”.

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