My love story with hair began as a baby, since I could only fall asleep holding a lock
of Mom's hair in my hands.

Luca Rossetti



I offer you a first meeting, through a free and unbinding preliminary consultation (by phone or video call).

This consultation lasts 20 minutes, where we will talk about:

What do you need on an aesthetic level (type of haircut, style, image, etc.)? (type of haircut, style, image, etc.)?

How do you feel (in which moment of your life are you? Is there anything you wish to change/add?)

And any doubt/need from the session.


Session length: 1:30h
  • Washing (optional, depending on the location of the session)
  • Opening of the energetic space, Healing*
  • *Conscious haircut, playing with sensory elements (aromas, music, touch, etc.), emotional/energetic accompaniment (through healing) and guiding through the process of change.
  • *Integrative capillary massage
  • Closing of the Healing session
  • Integration of the aesthetic and energetic change (together we re-evaluate the result of the cut to see if any modifications need to be made).
  • Drying and styling (where I will explain how to maintain the cut at home).



A Healing is a !hello! to your essential energy from a neutral place, without judgment. This reconnection can help you to let go of everything that prevents you from being in connection with life "Here and Now" such as old emotions and experiences, patterns, social and family programming,energy of others, fears, limiting beliefs and possibly physical discomfort or pain.
"Only YOU know what is best for YOURSELF." Healing allows the energy to flow harmoniously through your system, stabilizing your body: on a physical, emotional and energetic level. It will help you to feel more connected to yourself and your heart's desires. An opportunity to return to the beauty of your essence.


A conscious haircut consists in the creation of a personalized design that is coherent with your essence. It is a ritualistic journey with the proposal to “feel” what it is like to receive a haircut on a more meditative level, connecting with the present moment to allow you to let go of all that no longer serves you to make room for new.


Touch and presence connect us with pleasure and love. It is a moment of pampering, containment and integration to return to the body and finish releasing accumulated tensions in the skull and jaw area.
I use organic products that facilitate relaxation and activation of blood circulation in your scalp, providing strength and preventing hair loss.

Hair&Soul Touch

This session is dedicated to anyone that wishes to explore beauty in its entirety, accompanied and guided through a physical, emotional and energetic change and that wishes to express their authenticity through a personalized and unique design.

The Hair & Soul Touch method proposes the fusion of three rituals of change: haircut, energetic healing and integrative head massage.

These tools will help you connect with your essence and integrate the connection between your inner and outer beauty.


  • An authentic yet practical haircut.
  • Look beautiful and feel beautiful at the same time.
  • Reconnect with your essential energy through a healing experience.
  • Open yourself to receive the pleasure and care of an integrative capillary massage.
  • Achieve an image in coherence with your essence.
  • Learn to take care of yourself.

“As above, so below;
as within, so outside”.
Do you desire to see yourself?
I will take you there”.

Luca Rossetti



"Luca is an artist in everything he does. Through touch, listening and sensitivity, he turns the art of hair into a ritual of healing and connection. Luca accompanies you on a personal and intimate journey, giving a deeper meaning to the session than just an aesthetic change."


"A precious experience of love, respect, listening, immense care, creativity.... A real pleasure."


"Luca Rossetti, makes special haircuts: he has a wide experience in the field of personal growth and energy as well as in styling. And he has put them together! And how! He asks you questions about what you need in your image? What do you feel like? And he listens perfectly to EVERYTHING to capture it and take it into account when he starts touching and cutting hair."


"Luca is a genius of the scissors and image. His haircuts are so refined that they free his clients from the daily styling needs, making it a natural and integrated part of one's image."


“It is always a magical and renewing experience to have my hair cut by Luca. Every time Luca cuts my hair I feel free, light and confident. He has the gift of making a haircut a change of overall state. Thank you Luca for being part of my big changes and making them so special."


"Cutting hair is not only aesthetics, it is also cleanliness. Luca is not a hairdresser, he is like a shaman. Through his knowledge he takes you on a healing journey, purifying your hair and cleansing the history that grows with it."


"History, memories, beliefs, attachments, passions.... that represented my hair. It wasn't quick or easy to make the decision to let it go. When I felt that it was time for the ritual, I also felt that Luca's healing hands would be the one to guide it; with his listening, his devotion, his respect, his warmth, his embracement, his accompaniment".


"In Luca I not only found a hairdresser, I also found a confidant and a friend. I felt very supported from the beginning, thanks to the attention to detail and the care with which he prepares his sessions. He has taken a few things out of my head and I am very grateful to him. I highly recommend his therapy."

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