As a child I only played at being a magician and I looked for magic in any corner... all I wanted was to transform myself and transform everything into something beautiful.

I kept looking further and further until I almost lost my way back home. When I received one of my first energy readings from my teacher, I was deeply touched by some questions that still walk with me in every step today:
“Why search outside for magic and magical powers without having looked inside? Perhaps the mystery of life is one of the greatest magic that exists... If so, what kind of magician would you like to be?"

Luca Rossetti


Since I started, in 2013 investigating and practicing on the vaste energy field in EIVIDA “Intuition, Life and Energy School” in Ibiza, explaining an “energetic” experience with words is  increasingly complex for me and I usually limit myself  saying that the only way to grasp it, it’s  just living the experience itself… and the rational mind that always wants to understand everything, does not like it at all!

Still I’ll try:

In a READING session I create a neutral energy space (free from judgments, opinions, solutions, future predictions…) to give space to a “subtle/essential” communication between my energy and yours through which I can see and read your energy system and share verbal information about how you show up your different bodies (energetic, physical and emotional) at more levels such as aura, past lives, chakras, etc…


Everything that appears during a session is what your own energy wishes to show you in its unique and authentic form in the present moment in order to feel more connected to yourself and to the most essential true goals/objectives of your life path.

We end the session with a HEALING that allows you to finish letting go, changing and integrating all new information through an energy harmonization.

This reconnection can help to let go of everything that prevents you from being in connection with Life Here and Now, for example. old emotions/experiences, social and family patterns and programming, energy from others, perfection, fears, fixed ideas and possibly discomfort or physical pain.


The greatest gift of a Reading/Healing is to establish a connection with the knowledge that dwells in the being that You Are on a deeper level…

“In your essence, always and only you know what you really need”.


Approximate duration: 1 hour and a half

(The format of the session can be online or in person)



  • What if there’s a part of you that creates and lives EACH and EVERY experience of your life with the enthusiasm of a child?
  • What if this child loves LIFE so much that his greatest desire is to love himself, grow and learn new experiences?
  • What if here and now the only thing this child longs for is to feel seen with a simple “HELLO?”
  • If any of these questions resonate somewhere in your body, your being or your child, here I am to go on a trip together through a READING (Energy Reading)


Do you want a date with you?

I accompany you.

“As above, so below;
as within, so outside”.
Do you desire to see yourself?
I will take you there”.

Luca Rossetti

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